Sanusi’s Suspension

I’ve heard a lot of reactions and comments over the suspension (Not sack) of the Central Bank Governor, Lamido Sanusi. I suggest people should read and be well informed on sensitive issues such as this before they make comments, I am not
holding brief for President Goodluck Jonathan, but I strongly believe people should stop politicizing the issue, We should remember that its the Financial Council of Nigeria (Sanusi’s constituent) that found him culpable of reckless
conducts and spending. However, I join millions of Nigerians to insist the issues raised by Sanusi concerning the NNPC should not be swept under the carpet. As much as I commend Sanusi for some of his financial policies, I also have reservations and question some of his policies particularly the way he ran the CBN as his personal business spending over One Hundred Billion in the name of donations. My question is what was the inflation and exchange rates before Sanusi took over? Is it better than what he met on ground or not?
Let us do our findings and look at the pros and cons before we pass our judgement, we should be constructive in our criticism. Nigeria is bigger than anyone individual and no one is above the laws of the land. I rest my case here. Please read, research and get clarity. God bless Nigeria.